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untitledI'm in Gran Canaria from the 15th to the 23rd of December.



I'll still be taking bookings whilst away so do still feel to contact me and ask and that way, we'll both have something to look forward to once I'm back in the UK

  zz A 810_2750_pp


I'm usually available to session during the day every day of the week now and I'm also available some evenings upon request as I'm quite sure most Accountants are.

Text me by text between 9am and 9pm only.

Don't call me, I simply don't speak with anyone on the phone unless I've been tributed for the call.

Text me on;

07710 825586 

or (if you don't need an instant answer) you may email me at

[email protected]

As soon as I get a chance to check my emails, I will get back to you but as I'm very busy, don't email if you want a fast response, texting is always much better for a fast response.