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  1. My first ever BDSM session. It was fantastic and certainly won't be the last.

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  2. I visited Mistress for a half hour session and was nervous as it was my first time doing this sort of session but Mistress made me feel relaxed and it was exactly what i asked for, I would highly recommend x

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  3. Moving mo = 'modus operandi' of expression. Keep it up!

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  4. Another excellent visit with a wonderful Mistress.

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  5. Thank you, Mistress Gia, from your devoted slave Kevin, your slave in total service to you.
    I don't speak openly about Mistresses very often as I'm usually a very private person when doing things of this nature but am so in awe that I felt compelled to share my thoughts.
    I love to enjoy 3 hour sessions under Her complete control.

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  6. Hello.

    Simply the best!


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  7. Hi. Good Job!

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  8. Wow, what can I say about this fantastic lady? Puts you at ease within the first meeting, then it's down to her pure pleasure. I tried things I'd never have considered trying, let alone tried before.
    Some things pushed my boundaries and others were pure bliss.
    A fantastic three hours, two of which I was strapped to the bed and mistress Gia doing her utmost to mess with my mind.
    A truly magical experience, cannot wait to visit again.

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  9. There is something intoxicating about mistress' voice whilst being put in a hood . Oh and her collection of poppers are amazing!

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  10. First ever sub experience was all I wanted and more . Being bound and tormented with pain and pleasure was amazing. Loved ass worship and being taught to suck and take a strap on.
    All finished off with a golden shower.
    Have 2 hours to get a more relaxed and rewarding session.

    Mistress Gia will not disappoint you.

    Planning another visit soon.

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  11. I'm very new to the world of domination, Mistresses and BDSM etc., in fact I have only been to see a Dominatrix twice. In search of a lady closer to my hometown I found Mistress Gia on the internet. I had looked at her site for over a year before getting in touch. I have very specific dislikes, some maybe likes and a list of yes I like that or would like to try it. I was worried about offending Mistress Gia with my list but she reassured me it was fine, I may not get my wishes but she had the list.
    Mistress Gia has a lovely home, tucked away and slightly difficult to find but her clear directions made it straight forward. I arrived as instructed and was greeted by Mistress who I have to say is a lovely lady, I was taken to the 'office' (read dungeon / playroom which is packed from floor to ceiling with toys and equipment. I was told to undress and wait for mistress, in no time at all the session was under way with my limits being explored, mistress didn't use safe words and she did push my limits but I was confident if I showed distress she would stop or reduce the activity at the time.
    If you're looking for a talented, experienced Mistress, look no further than Mistress Gia, she will put you at ease and I have no doubt that her talent and experience will explore all that you want and more. Hopefully I will be going back very soon.

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  12. Having previously visited a few Mistresses claiming to offer fetish and domination I have just made my first visit to a real Mistress, Mistress Gia and have had the most awesome experience of my life. Her dungeon is equipped with everything and more. She has a fabulous array of toys, costumes and things to make you tingle and tremble and she is located in a completely safe residential area with secure parking. Mistress Gia herself is fabulous. She is beautiful in appearance, in body and intellectually. She is strict but kind. Strong but understanding. Powerful but sympathetic. Softly spoken but dominant. She giggles as you squirm and writhe in pain and ecstasy. She laughs at your struggles and enjoys your helplessness. She is the Mistress who you want to please and who you know you must obey. She is everything you need and you know that you must return for more of the exquisite bespoke services that she delivers. Mistress Gia is one of a kind from whom there is no escape as she invades your mind and body long after you have left her dungeon. Thank you Mistress for introducing me to the real world of fetish, kink and domination and allowing me to sample the delights of your world while enjoying your wonderful personality, skills and beauty. I will return soon.

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  13. My visit to Mistress Gia was one of the best experiences of my life and I would say that everyone who visits will not be disappointed with the service they will receive.

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  14. Had my first ever session with Mistress Gia at her home in chesterfield some years ago now.

    I was nervous. As I rang the door bell, I was shaking.

    She greeted me at the door wearing a suit (like an Accountant) and she lead my to her playroom.

    I paid her the required tribute once in there and I was told to strip, fold my clothes and place them neatly on a chair and kneel at the door and await Her return.

    She came back in and put a collar on me then attached a chain to it which was attached to a wrist cuff that she was wearing and she told me to worship her legs feet and bum.

    After a short while she dragged me to my feet, unclipped the chain from my collar and put a leather body harness on me, a ball gag, wrist and ankle cuffs and bent me over her fucking bench.

    I could hear her playing with something behind me, then I could feel a cold liquid being applied to my ass and before I knew it the strapon was in me, no warning, iust straight in.

    After that, she blind folded me, strapped me to the end of the bed and fucked my ass as I exploded everywhere.

    She cleaned me up and then I jumped in the shower to tidy myself up, ready to leave. There were men's shower products and deodorant as well as Egyptian cotton towels in the luxury en suite and even a comb to put through my hair at the end.

    Afterwards, we had a drink and a chat and then I proceeded to go. It was amazing and I will be visiting Her again.

    I cant thank Mistress Gia enough for my amazing first ever session. I'm hooked! x x x

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  15. Really enjoyed meeting mistress Gia
    First time but won't be the last
    Love being dominated

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