After great contact

I met Mistress Gia the other day

She is beautiful and powerful

and means what she says.

In a nice, clean playroom

she will dominate you

in a safe way

with no nonesense too.

Be careful what you wish for

and dont try to get away

be respectful and polite

and you'll enjoy your stay.

dont test mistress' patience

or refuse what you're asked to do

or mistress will enforce her dominance

and you'll learn the hard way too.

Many thanks, Mistress Gia. From kevin, your new slave in service to you.

I don't speak openly about  Mistresses usually as I'm a private person when I do things of this nature usually. 

I'm very much looking forward to next Tuesday and doing  everything that She has planned and I am looking forward to 3 more hours with Her.

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So... If you are a Mistress with no positive feedback of your own as you have no happy cutomers of your own, don't think about trying to leave positive comments here about yourself from pretend customers. I've seen it all before so don't think you're the first.

It's seriously better not to annoy me.

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