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I'm usually available during the day every day of the week  and I'm also available some evenings on request as I'm quite sure most Accountants are but do view my Calender of events page before you contact me.

Contact me by text if you'd like to arrange your session with me. Is it something you've always wanted to try? Do it. Don't call me, it's not at all discreet and as you can imagine, I get lots of calls from timewasters and I simply don't want to speak to anyone on the phone unless it's someone who I've already sessioned with at least once before so text me.

Text me on

07710 825586 

(Do NOT call, just text please, it's far more discreet that way)

or (if you don't need an instant answer) you may email me at

I'd prefer it if you didn't phone me at all as that's the way to keep discretion at a high level as it should be. I do underdstand that some people prefer to speak on the phone and so a quick, no nonesense call is fine if that's the case and will be acceptable but do understand that I usually won't / can't answer phone calls and when I notice your missed call, I'll then drop you a quick text message. If you'd rather I didn't do that, don't leave a voicemail, just drop me a quick text asking me not to. Discretion is key at all times, for both of us.

Long-winded fantasy chats and heavy breathing will simply not be tolerated and private numbers will never be answered so don't even bother trying to call me from a witheld number.

As soon as I get a chance to check my emails, I will get back to you but as I'm very busy, don't email if you want a fast response, texting is much better.