Mistress Gemma


Gemma is my partner and lets out her Domme side under the name;

Mistress Valkress.

She's switch so  she's obviously sub to me and then the only time she gets to let out her Domme side (which is very strong) is when she is booked to session with someone.

 Therefore, of course, she finds sessioning with others when booked very exciting and fulfilling

She loves it.

Here's a link to her own website should you wish to learn more;


Mistress Gemma is transgender and has been Pro Domme for over 18 years now, mostly working in London (She was born in London) and has many of her own toys and indeed techniques that have grown and evolved with her throughout the years.

I can assure you that, (and having Double Dommed with her, I've seen it with my own eyes) she gives as good as she gets given the opportunity to do so.